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In depth

Find detailed reports on Amazon and its workforce from Action on Amazon and Unite the Union.

Amazon shifts up to £8.2bn of UK revenues to low-tax Luxembourg, report finds

Amazon is facing calls for a public inquiry into its tax arrangements after a report found that the tech giant had reported up to £8.2bn of its UK sales in Luxembourg. Read more in The Independent.

Unite lodges complaint with CMA over Amazon & profiteering

Report on the action on amazon worker hotline

Unite’s Sharon Graham said: “Anyone who reads the testimony can see that there has to be a reckoning with Amazon. While Jeff Bezos is exploring space, he is leaving behind one of the greatest company sweatshop regimes this world has ever known.”

What workers told us:

“You are timed for every second you leave your workstation, meaning you have to run to go to the toilet so you don’t get in trouble.”
One worker said there were not enough toilets for staff. So there were often “huge queues”, forcing people to “piss in bottles”.

Another said they had suffered “a panic attack at my workstation and nearly passed out”. They were told they could only take the rest of the day off and were expected back in work the next day. Another said the “stress got so much I broke down at work and walked off the station and then was disciplined for it.”